Saturday, May 31, 2014

What is the World's Favorite Food?

World Wide Food Love

          Do you have a favorite food? Well, lots of people do. A test was done throughout the world including countries like, Australia, Brazil, Germany, the U.S, Spain, Mexico, India, Russia, and the Pakistan. Oddly, the favorite food in Pakistan was vegetables! Here in the U.S a kid's favorite food is probably chicken nuggets, pizza, or ice-cream. World Wide the most liked foods were meat, rice, and pasta. The most loved foods in only the U.S was pizza, steak, and chicken. Lots of people like lots of different foods, but not all foods are too healthy, read on to see what is healthy and what is killing our bodies. 

My Opinion

         Obviously food is a big part of everyone's life, but people don't understand that food can kill you too. Even though food keeps you alive if you eat too much bad food it is not good for you. Eating healthy is a very important part of everyone's life, and you should not mistreat yourself by eating badly. Being healthy is what everyone wants to be but not everyone is ready to give up always eating junk food. It is hard but one of the only ways.

Got Questions?

     Have any Questions about people's favorite foods in the world?
If so comment them below! Maybe you can add in what your favorite food is, too. Hope you enjoyed reading about people's favorite foods, if you have any topic suggestions, let me know!

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