Saturday, May 31, 2014

What is the World's Favorite Food?

World Wide Food Love

          Do you have a favorite food? Well, lots of people do. A test was done throughout the world including countries like, Australia, Brazil, Germany, the U.S, Spain, Mexico, India, Russia, and the Pakistan. Oddly, the favorite food in Pakistan was vegetables! Here in the U.S a kid's favorite food is probably chicken nuggets, pizza, or ice-cream. World Wide the most liked foods were meat, rice, and pasta. The most loved foods in only the U.S was pizza, steak, and chicken. Lots of people like lots of different foods, but not all foods are too healthy, read on to see what is healthy and what is killing our bodies. 

My Opinion

         Obviously food is a big part of everyone's life, but people don't understand that food can kill you too. Even though food keeps you alive if you eat too much bad food it is not good for you. Eating healthy is a very important part of everyone's life, and you should not mistreat yourself by eating badly. Being healthy is what everyone wants to be but not everyone is ready to give up always eating junk food. It is hard but one of the only ways.

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 27 Stone Figures Pop Up in
         Time Square
People went to Time Square in the morning to find some new statues lined up. “At first I thought they looked really cool and then I found out they were real people!” exclaimed  Merideth a surprised lady who saw the statues. Many people thought that the statues were a new tourist attraction added to Time Square, they were all incorrect  “Overnight I thought I heard hissing sounds but I didn’t think it was anything, I thought wrong,” said Johny. B. John.
Many people come to the conclusion that the statues were created by the evil Gorgon Medusa. It is said she roams the streets of New York. An overnight fast food worker named Jim said, “ I saw some weird person walking around. She had some cray cray hair yo.” Multiple people think it was Medusa who did this. Some police looked at the security camera on some of the buildings. They didn’t figure anything out.
The final person we got information from was Abigail Georgous. She actually survived the now called attack. She said “ I learned a little about Greek Mythology and learned you’re not supposed to look Medusa in the eye. When I saw the snake head I only looked around with my shiny phone screen. I made it into a building and escaped.” So there you have it, Medusa is roaming the streets of New York and is the one who did this horrible thing.

Thursday, May 29, 2014

S.S Puffy Saved by “Sea God?”

Boat held upright by unknown “Sea God
Anjuna Head reporter

Passengers left confused by the fortunate outcome by an unknown “sea god.” passengers had lots to say. “Out of nowhere the whole boat just started tipping! It was like totally crazy!” Charm explained, a woman who had been on vacation on the S.S Puffy. All the passengers were surprised by the random tipping of the boat, but what happened after was what had really filled their minds. How could this happen?
“It was like nothing I had ever seen before! This large man with a pitchfork comes and turns the boat upright! It was good, but who would have seen it coming?” exclaimed Snowball, another passenger on the S.S Puffy.  This odd man like figure startled the passengers who were supposed to be on vacation. Everyone waited wondering who this unknown “man” was, and we were going to find out.
Next, we talked to the Captain, who had claimed that he had exciting news. “I asked him what his name was and all he said that he was some sort of “Sea God.” said the Captain, excited to tell his news. According to Greek mythology the “Sea God”, has a name, Poseidon. Well, there you have it. Unique “sea god” or as we have now found out, Poseidon, saves the day and saves the lives of the passengers of the S.S Puffy.

Saturday, March 8, 2014

Who Invented Flappy Bird?

Who Was the Inventor of Flappy Bird?

      Ever wonder who was the inventor of Flappy Bird? Flappy bird was the #1 app in Apple's app store and Google play for months at a time. This, known to be addicting, game was made by Vietnamese based developer, Dong Nguyen. Flappy Bird, during its best time, was earning about $50,000 a day! Flappy bird became a huge success for Dong Nguyen, but unfortunately took it down. He tweeted, " I'm sorry 'Flappy Bird' users, 22 hours from now, I will take 'Flappy Bird' down. I cannot take this anymore." The inventor of Flappy Bird stopped his success from growing. Was it all a mistake? Keep reading to find out my opinion!
For more information on why Flappy bird was taken down go to the link below.

My Opinions

      Was it the right decision to delete Flappy Bird? I believe it was, because first of all the inventor has made enough money out of the game that it really didn't matter anymore. Also, too many people were getting stuck onto this game. Too many people practically devoted their life to the game. People were trying to hard over a pointless game. It is unbelievable how many people just couldn't stop playing the clearly addicting game. I have played the game myself, but i wouldn't play for hours at a time. I don't find the game as highly addicting as others. I truly find Flappy Bird to be a fun game, but not so fun that I stopped my daily routine just to play Flappy Bird. Flappy Bird is a good game to kill time, but, in my opinion, is not to important. 

Top Ten Games In the App Store

1. Bridge Constructor
2. Minecraft
3. Duet Game
4. Heads Up!
5. Threes!
6. Devious Dungeon
7. Card Wars
8. Duck Dynasty
9. Plants vs. Zombies
10. Cut the Rope 2 

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Sunday, March 2, 2014

Wonder What a Clarinet is? (special challenge inside)

How Were Clarinets Originally Made? 

      Ever wonder how clarinets are made? I did! Clarinets are a woodwind instrument with the widest range from the contrabass clarinet to the piccolo clarinet. This feature makes the clarinet very special. The most common clarinet is the B flat clarinet. Clarinets are introduced to kids starting form elementary school. Clarinets were and still are made of wood. Now many people replace the wood with plastic or even metal clarinets.(these clarinets look more like modern flutes) Each clarinet used to be specially hand carved, from Boxwood. Now we  have shorter processes, so we can make more at a time. Now clarinets are make of plastic, metal, or the most common African blackwood.

My Opinions

      I feel the newer clarinets such as the colored or metal ones, don't look as sophisticated as the ones made out of African Blackwood. The newer ones seem to shine too much and will stand out to much in a formal band.  Even in elementary, middle and high school bands the bright colors and shiny keys, the odd, modern clarinet will stand out too much. Once in a middle school band concert I went to I noticed a trombone player with a bright purple trombone. Even though he was right in the back (other than percussion) I could still see his instrument clearly, because it stood out so much. The band sounded great, but watching it wasn't the best experience. Now of course than is just my opinion!

Got Questions?

Have any questions about how clarinets are made? No? Okay, then try this! try to find an interesting fact about clarinets and share them below! See how many responses you get! The one with the most responses will be recognized in my next blog! Have fun and good luck! If you have and questions and/or concerns comment them below!    

Saturday, February 22, 2014

What Mountain is the Highest?

What Mountain is the Highest?

      Ever wonder what mountain is the highest in the world? You may already know, but there are some things you might not. You might know the highest mountain in the world is Mount Everest, but you might not know it is about 5.5 miles above sea level! In feet that is exactly 29,035. Also, that extraordinary mountain is called, "The Goddess of the Sky" in Nepal. Many people don't know that Mount Everest's temperature can get to about -80 degrees Fahrenheit. That's some cold weather, don't you think? The people of Nepal are like guides to others who try to climb this phenomenal mountain. You may think you know a lot about this unique mountain, but there is a lot more to learn. For more information keep reading! For even more facts about Mount Everest click the link in redExtra Mount Everest Facts  

                         My Opinions

      I feel Mount Everest is fascinating! The mountain peeks surrounded by soft, thin snow is just amazing. Although it looks so soft and pleasant, people who climb the beast know it is not. When you get higher up the mountain it gets cold and the air gets thinner. These conditions make it hard to breathe and very hard to even stay alive without proper equipment. I feel the view of the magnificent mountain is great, but when you go up there it won't feel to great. Mount Everest looks very nice, but clearly doesn't like visitors.

              Got Questions?
      Have any questions or comments? If anything comes up definitely ask! How about a challenge! If you find out interesting facts about Mount Everest comment them below.  

Sunday, February 16, 2014

Michael Jackson The King of Pop

Michael Jackson

The King of Pop was not completely what he seems. Michael was the 7th of 9 kids. he was born August 29, 1958. When he was 11 he performed with the Jackson 5 on television. Michael and his sister Janet made about 7 million dollars with there hit the "Scream". The family band was originally the Jackson Brothers  then turned into the Jackson 5. He was married to Lisa Marie Presley and then Debbie Rowe and had 3 children. Michael loved The Three Stooges. Also he his middle name was Joesph. Oddly enough Michael was very fond of Mexican food! For other interesting facts about Michael Jackson go to the link below.   
The pictures below are of Michael Jackson before and after plastic surgery. For more pictures on Michael go to this link. michael jackson

Unique Sayings of Michael Jackson

     Michael was a very famous singer making his "sayings" or quotes very special. For example he used to say, " People write negative things, cause they feel that's what sells. Good news to them, doesn't sell." This is a quote many people may not like but is true, in my opinion. Michael like all other famous legends had more than one quote. Another one is, " I'm just like anyone. I cut and I bleed. And I embarrass easily."  I feel this is an important quote, because people always try to separate each other when everyone is really the same. Michael also used to say, " The greatest education in the world is watching the masters at work." Some may think these quotes don't mean anything, and some people may think it is the best saying they ever heard, but which ever you are, there is no problem in reading them.

Michael Jackson

 Michael was an idol to many you singers of his age. Kids looked up to him, because of his success, in singing and dancing. His accomplishments affected more than just kids, they changed the lives of everyone. I feel Michael is really the KING of pop, because he really achieved many things in his life. He won the most Grammys in one night! Michael won 8 Grammys that special night. I feel it is unbelievable how many hits Michael had in his life time. His accomplishments made children want to learn to sing and dance too. Michael Jackson is a true legend, and will always be remembered. 
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